ExChaser Transfer Into NPC World
In order to see the his beloved NPC smiled again , Shiki repeat the same quest and search for the blue flower petal until something unexpected happen.
Overlord_Venus Principled Jewellery
A conspiracy claims the life of her only family member. Hiding her past as the daughter of a Pirate, Sarah Washer sought to infiltrate into Noble society in order to unravel the culprit and the incidents surrounding her father's death. In a fantasy world where people were capable of performing superhuman feats and where magic, artifacts, mysticism, and dungeons intertwined to complicate all life...
lazy360 Flower road
It’s just a story where the fangirl meet her idol........
I_Only_Sleep Fallen World
Seraph Leemann is weak and a coward, often bullied and beaten by his peers. in an effort to escape his life of bullying, he tries to reform himself. this causes the hands on the clock of fate to turn, dragging him into all kinds of situations, places and possibly, worlds. follow him on his journey through, the Fallen World.
CountSpankula The Kpop Otaku\'s Dream
Dylan was an ordinary 18 year old with a particular taste for the older girls. What will happen when one day he finds himself in the past possessing a body no longer his own.Dylan: "Where am I?""OMG i 'm hot!?""Its time to .duh duh duh. Pick up noonas!"How far will cheesy pickup lines and knowledge of the future take him ? Its anyones guess*Picture does not belong to me. All rights...